Stucco head of Buddha

Stucco buddha head

Stucco Buddha head tag

It came into my possession during a fellowship teaching in Pakistan in the early 1990s in between the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the dangers that that brought and also the rise of Taliban and the civil wars there […]

And why it’s meaningful to me now as I am this strange custodian of this displaced object is that really there is no going home for this piece at least in the short term. […]

It gives rise to how museums function in a way as custodians of objects that are disassociated from their home as it were, the notion of repatriation and whether that is even feasible at this point when the […] ruling party of that terrain is not necessarily sympathetic to these objects. So I have in my hands […] with a lot of anxiety […] a kind of orphan disassociated from its home…

Exhibited by Andrew Young

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