Paisley Belle’s vaccination tags

Paisley Belle's vaccination tags

Paisley Belle’s vaccination tags

This is a tag that I got for my dog Paisley Belle…the other tag…used to say “epilepsy”.

The thing I like about this particular object…is that Paisley Belle…turned out to be a seizure dog…She just happened to be able to predict that I was going to have a seizure; she would run and get any other humans in the house that might be able to help me when I started having a seizure, and she was frequently the animal that was…trying to get me up by licking my face.

In 2006 my life kind of just went off the rails and I ended up moving to Columbus, Ohio and I didn’t know what was ahead of me…and I had to give [Paisley Belle] away….and whenever anything is just terrible, I always think of looking her up.

Exhibited by Matthew F. Gilboy

Transcript edited by S. Golland

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