Old timey camera

Old timey camera

Old timey camera

This is a Nikon FE, it is an old film camera from the 1970’s, it was my grandfather’s. My grandfather is the one that got me into photography, he always had a camera around his neck and I always decided that’s what I wanted to do. So I took photography in high school and collage, and managed to find a job in it, which is really, really rare where you’re not doing weddings. I work at the Field Museum taking pictures. […]

I also think this should be in a museum because it’s a film camera. At my college they teach film as 20th century processes, i.e. antique processes. Great. When I was in collage ten years ago all I did was film processing. We do still have a dark room at my office and it is used as a kitchen. So that’s where our microwave and coffee maker hang out. So this is a lovely, antique film camera, which I assume you’ll see a lot of inside museums.

Exhibited by Karen

Transcript edited by S. Crawford

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