Color, 3 items

Color, 3 items

I’m a photographer, and I brought actually 3 items. […] I’m interested—and I’ve always been interested—in color, photographic color. […] Early color systems were what they call natural color, Autochrome is a good example. Autochrome is basically a kind of a random collection of potato starch that’s been dyed various colors and glued to film. […] The last current thing is digital. […] CCDs [charge-coupled devices, or digital camera sensors] are black and white devices which have a random group of little color cells in them. […] In other words, basically a CCD is a natural color device, that’s what it is.

  • French Veriscope, c.1915: uses glass plates rather than film.
  • Stereo Realist camera, 1950s revival: uses 35mm film.
  • Panasonic Lunix 3D stereo camera: digital.

Exhibited by Jeff Mickey

Transcript edited by Serena Washington

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