Board game, Chug-A-Lug

Board Game, Chug-A-Lug


It’s a time capsule of 60’s counter culture. It’s a great game. I was not old enough to get this when it came out, or even alive. But I was helping my dad move (my parents split up…) from one apartment to another and he reaches up on the top shelf, pulls this thing down, blows the dust off of it, and looks at it whimsically. “Chug-A-Lug. Son, you’re gunna need this.”
…I was 12 years old.

When I moved out of my parents house, or my moms house, I took it with me and eventually got cracked open… The object of the game is to collect ten Alcoholics Anonymous dollars by drinking as much as you can…

My favorite part is when you get to the draw a Chug-A-Lug card… So I picked out a couple of my favorites here. You’ve got, “discuss possible forms of recreation on a waterbed, by your next turn compose a poem about birth control, discuss the use of Jello as a lubricant, guess the bra size of all gals and take one drink for each wrong answer, give a vivid description of your favorite event at a nudist track meet.” And my favorite, “describe the sex appeal of a mustache…”

Museum: “Not Appropriate for Children Museum”

Exhibited by Paul Rettig

Transcript edited by Sarah Crawford

2 thoughts on “Board game, Chug-A-Lug

  1. Hi! I just purchased this game at a thrift store but am concerned that all Chug-A-Lug cards are not present. Any chance you could lay them out and take a picture of them for me (so that I can read them)? I may have to recreate the cards myself!

    • Hi Brian,
      We will try to get in touch with the person who shared Chug-A-Lug at our event and see if they can take a photo of the cards. We’ll be in touch!

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