“C” is for Harry Crews

"C" is for Harry Crews

Who is Harry Crews? He wrote for Playboy back in the 1970’s. Back when my dad used to say, “You read Playboy for the articles.” He was really the Burt Reynolds of writers, as I like to call him… Reading his stuff was sort of like an exorcism of like alcoholism, of womanizing, of addition, of narcissism and you really got the sense that he loved himself for being a scumbag and he hated it too… The story that I’m going to be reading from is called A Night at a Waterfall

“I’d never been able to make an Okinawan Reverse Roundhouse kick work in my life. I knew what it was, I practice it, but like most other Karate techniques it’d never been anything but sloppy and ineffective. But I not only knew when I moved to the edge of that rock that the kick would work, but also that it would hit him where I meant it to hit him. Over the heart. And more I knew he would fall straight over onto the rock.”

Why am I telling you this? Because I think that it’s so bizarre and so weird and I’ve been reading this book for the last 10 years of my life over and over again because it makes me laugh out loud. And also, like I said, it’s the documentation of the destruction of the American man and there’s something horrible and beautiful about it.

Museum: “Museum for the Study of the Delusional Hero of Bacon County Georgia”

Exhibited by Tom McNamara

Transcript edited by Sarah Crawford

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