Catalog 13 audio: December 11, 2015

Audio recordings for catalog 13: December 11, 2015

Shoes: Paul Rettig
listen to Shoes: 

Quilt: Grant Gibson
Listen to Quilt:

FedEx Envelope: Clare Lyster
Listen to FedEx Envelope:

Blanket, 1939: Rebecca S.
Listen to Blanket, 1939:

Tile from Ostia Antica: Heather Kendall
Listen to Tile from Ostia Antica:

Painted Rock: Romi Crawford
Listen to Painted Rock:

Brochure: Eric Bartholomew
Listen to Brochure:

Slides: Kate Medely Toftness
Listen to Slides: 

Knitted booties: Tim Samuelson
Listen to Knitted booties: 

Zine: Joe Mason
Listen to Zine

Relic from 2016 Olympics: Bill Savage
Listen to Relic from 2016 Olympics: 

Lamp from Korean House: Janet Hong
Listen to Lamp from Korean House

Grandfather’s Early 20th Century Concertina: Eric
Listen to Grandfather’s Early 20th Century Concertina: 

Band Saw demonstration: Patrick
Listen to Band Saw demonstration

Baby Tooth Pin: Christine
Listen to Baby Tooth Pin: 

Floorplan: Tamara Biggs
Listen to Floorplan: 


Audio for event recorded by Bradley Glanzrock, for more information visit