Autographed postcard

Autographed postcard

Autographed postcard

So this story will not mean anything unless you’ve seen all of or one of three things: the TV show Parenthood […], The TV series Everwood circa 2002, or 1998 Billboard Dad starring Mary Kate and Ashley, smash hit. Anyway this older gentlemen played Dr. Pelikan in Parenthood, Dr. Abbott in Everwood and he was fucking Billboard Dad. So I think I’m the only person that would have recognized him.

I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the concert. So I go back and he’s still there and he’s standing next to one of the girls in the band and I walk up to him and I say, “Hi, were you in everything I love?” and he didn’t know what I was saying […] so I listed the things I’d seen him in and he was like, yeah that was me. I didn’t know what to say and the girl in the band said, “This is my dad!” She’s like go over to the merch table, my brother’s working it and he can sign a postcard of our band for you. So while everyone was waiting in line to get the band’s signature, I looked to their dad.

Exhibited by Elizabeth

Transcript edited by S. Crawford

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