Picture of naked grandfather while at war

Picture of grandfather while naked at war

Gradually the house I grew up in is being conquered by stuff… But the worst thing about hoarding is that it’s not just worthless things it’s also really precious things. And we found this and this is a letter addressed to my grandfather…

This is a picture from France. My grandfather was a paratrooper during World War II. This is my grandfather here… and he’s sitting naked in a metal tube. Maybe he’s taking a bath? He’s definitely gesturing like, ‘Don’t take a picture of me naked! My grandson might find this 40 years from now!’ …And it’s just like this little memento of these guys who are going to be fighting and killing, and saving the free world and all that. And it’s a reminder that there were just people. Gentlemen, who you know, did weird things like bathe naked and take pictures.

Exhibited by S. Montgomery Priz

Transcript edited by Sarah Crawford

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