The ancient glacier wisdom stone

The ancient glacier wisdom stone

The ancient glacier wisdom stone

One of my goals for this trip had been to find a Petoskey stone. […] I had been walking along for like 20 minutes on the top of this magical cliff […] and I looked down and there was one right at my foot, just a little guy. […] So I picked it up, and took it home and I polished it up and was so exited I was like “alright, I’m gonna make it into a necklace. So I took some wire and I just wrapped it up and wore it”  […]

I looked down and the stone was gone, because I had wrapped it in wire and it just like fell onto the ground at some point and I was really disappointed […]

I was walking and I didn’t find it, and I didn’t find it and then I was like I’m just gunna go just a little bit more and sure enough, I walk to this parking lot […] I looked down and there it was again right at my foot, so I picked it up and I took it to a jeweler and I had him set it in an actual proper setting and then I added these little beads at the bottom. […]

I was just like a magical stone that just kept showing up.

Exhibited by Kristin

Transcript edited by S. Crawford

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