Slater Bros. screwdriver

Slater Bros. screwdriver

Slater Bros. screwdriver

Slater Bros tag

This is actually a screwdriver. I’m originally from Connecticut, and my family is mostly out of New York City area, this screwdriver says: Slater Brothers Boats and Moters, 82 Pearl Street, PC 1365 Complete Marine Supplies. So this was sort of like a little knick knack that you could pick up at a boat shop that my family owned and ran in the 1940s. So if you came away from the boat shop they would give this to you as a little, ‘come back and get your boat serviced,’ there’s lots of wealthy people in Westchester County, they could have a boat and get their boat serviced there. But they opened the boat shop in 1940, right before World War II, and when the United States went into World War II, they were asked to provide something for the war effort, along with many, like you guys probably should enlist. So what they did was they donated one of their boats to the US Coast Guards and manned it themselves, that way they didn’t have to go overseas, they could man the boat yard. So they got on the boat. And their task was to go around the New York harbor on basically this pleasure yacht, and search for Nazi submarines.

Exhibited by James S.

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