“Commodified Appreciation”

"Commodified Appreciation"


This looks like a book, but it is commodified appreciation…I took a course [in college]…”Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass”…

At the end of the term the professor decided to have a party at her apartment, and in the invitation she wrote something to the effect of “costumes are welcome”. If anybody knows me, I will take any excuse to dress up…So I made an aluminum foil top hat and wore a suit with a pocket watch (I was the Mad Hatter)…I was actually the only person who had dressed up for this party…

At the end of the party the professor [said] “I want to commodify my appreciation for your costume”…She actually grabbed a book off of her shelf–this book–and handed it to me.

Museum: “Museum of Alice in Wonderland” or “The Museum of Really Good Bad Ideas”

Exhibited by Elisa Schoenberger

Transcript edited by Susan Golland

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