Fistfulls of memorable vacations

Fistfulls of memorable vacations


I brought what I called fistfuls of vacations, memorable vacations. These are basically small vials of or dirt that I’ve been collecting for years. […] Some of this sand is very ordinary, just vacations in Europe and things like that. […]

One of the finest sands I could find it’s from here, from Chicago. I have sand from a beach in northern Spain where I used to play as a kid, all my life. […]

This one I think is really remarkable, is completely iron, it’s all magnetic. […]

The one that is most interesting of all of them is not sand, it’s dust from a volcano. When I was living in Mexico City there was an eruption, an event in 1996, […] and I collected this grave dust from the volcano.

Museum of Memory

Exhibited by Alvaro Amat

Transcript edited by Serena Washington

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