Double sand dollar necklace

Double sand dollar necklace

Double sand dollar necklace

One is mine and one belonged to my Gram who passed away a couple of years ago. It’s a little weird for me to have a piece of jewelry from her because she was the most not jewelry person ever. I’m sure lots of people have jewelry from their grandmothers or their mothers has an heirloom that is not what this was. She was a tiny little bird of a woman, and she loved to play in the dirt, she loved to dig, and garden. Really wanted a simple life. She was born in the same town that her mother was born in, the same town that I was born in. Our family’s actually been there since the 1840’s, and I left. But she always wore this sand dollar and she never wore any other jewelry the whole time growing up and she wore it as a memento of her favorite place, which was Pensacola, Florida. […]

I loved it so much when I was as a little kid at like six or seven I asked to have one too and so she bought me my own sand dollar. I had it and I kept it in my jewelry box, I didn’t wear it that much. But when she passed away, my sister handled her estate and she had left her sand dollar to me. […]      I don’t wear it every day but I wear it when I’m doing something that I really want to do. […]

Exhibited by Anna

Transcript edited by S. Crawford

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